Thursday, March 06, 2008

Keeping the Fire

We've all experienced the presence of God. We've seen the fire of God fall; seen people healed, people slain in the Holy Ghost, manifestations of joy and the like. We've all experienced a hunger for God. I want to challenge everyone who reads this article. How hungry are you now? When I first accepted Christ and was filled with the Holy Ghost, I was excited. I was on fire for God and didn't even know what to do with myself. Praise God that I had a pastor who could give me direction! I had a desire for the presence of God; a desire for the Word of God; a desire for the Spirit of God. I would get up extra early so I had more time to read my Bible and pray in the Spirit and pray Spirit-led intercessory prayer.

I must confess that there have been times since then when I have not had that hunger. There have been times when I felt satisfied with where I was spiritually. During those times of spiritual stagnation, I have noticed that i didn't grow much spiritually. There is only growth where there is hunger. Do you want to grow spiritually? Develope your hunger.

How do I develop my hunger for God? Read the Bible. Pray. Seek the face of the Lord. What does that mean? That means you have to actually get out of your normal routine and get up EARLY! Whether you feel like it or not. It means you have to sacrifice some things. Don't get comfortable with where you are. Staying in the zone of comfort leads to spiritual stagnation which leads to spiritual APATHY, which cripples the Church from doing anything substantial for the Kingdom of God.

Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 1:6 to "stir up the gift of God which is in you..." Let's stir up the gift of God in us! Let's desire spiritual gifts! Let's desire and pray for God to use US!!! As we make the decision to change the direction of our focus onto the things of God and begin to allow God to change our hearts and minds to the glory of the Father, we will see the miracle power of God in manifestation; and where the Spirit is, there is liberty and fullness of joy, and salvation! We can't give what we don't have; so keep the fire burning bright.


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